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YesterdayCox’s Ashley Forest record still stands despite issue
 McRae becomes first international driver to win Ashley Forest Rallysprint
4 days agoFar North Rally: Start List for Leg 1 published
 Far North Rally entries published
5 days agoOtago Rally announces two-pass recce for 2019
 Countdown has begun for second Targa NZ event in the South Island
1 week agoAshley Forest more unfinished business for Paddon
8 days agoDixon a hero of New Zealand motorsport
 Far North Rally published
 Holder and Farmer end Rally Turkey at speed
 Finely-judged third for Paddon in Turkey
10 days agoPromising day for Holder despite punctures
 Paddon 6th in close, hot, rocky battle in Turkey
12 days agoHyundai Motorsport and Thierry Neuville extend contract for three years
 Holder and Farmer ready for Turkish challenge
13 days agoRally Turkey entries published
 Rally Turkey published
2 weeks agoNew Turkish challenge for Paddon and Marshall
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Mon, 24 Sep 2018 - Cox’s Ashley Forest record still stands despite issue

It wasn’t exactly the weekend Rotorua’s Sloan Cox hoped for at the Ashley Forest Rallysprint, having been unable to progress past the top 32 competitors, but his record of 54.96 seconds on the 1.7km course couldn’t be beaten by the new winner Alistair McRae.

The 22-23 September event in the Ashley Forest near Rangiora in north Canterbury is run by the Ratec Motorsport Club and attracted Kiwi WRC driver Hayden Paddon and Scottish rally star Alister McRae to take on Cox as the defending Ashley Forest champion.

“It’s ...    more...

Mon, 24 Sep 2018 - McRae becomes first international driver to win Ashley Forest Rallysprint
Australian-based Scotsman Alister McRae won the Ashley Forest Rallysprint, in North Canterbury today, in the 1998 ex-Possum Bourne Vantage Subaru WRC - becoming the first international driver to claim victory in the event’s 35-year history.
The elimination-style nature of the rallysprint, which featured a 55% uphill and 45% downhill 1.7km course, saw McRae go first in the top-two run off. He clocked a 55.35secs time and the large crowd waited with bated breath as his challenger Blenheim’s Neil West charged off up the hill in his mighty Mitsubishi Mirage, with Evo running gear. West, who had his son Jack on-board as ...    more...
Thu, 20 Sep 2018 - Otago Rally announces two-pass recce for 2019

Next year’s Otago Rally will offer competitors a two-pass reconnaissance for the first time, in a move to reduce the advantage of drivers who have contested the event on many occasions.

The decision is not one that has been made lightly by rally organisers, and is the first of many new features that will ensure that the Otago Rally remains one of the Southern Hemisphere’s most popular events.

“Our competitors are at the heart of what we do, and this initiative has only been taken after considerable consideration of what ...    more...

Thu, 20 Sep 2018 - Countdown has begun for second Targa NZ event in the South Island

The countdown has begun for the 2018 Targa New Zealand tarmac motor rally, the annual multi-day marathon event returning to the South Island in late October for only the second time in its 24 year history,

This year the iconic closed road stage event starts in Invercargill on Tuesday October 23 and takes in over 600kms of closed special stages linked by close to 1800km of touring stages through Southland and Otago before a ceremonial finish in Queenstown on Saturday October 27.

The last time the event was held in the South Island was in 2014, and the man behind ...    more...

Tue, 18 Sep 2018 - Ashley Forest more unfinished business for Paddon

It’s only 1.7 kilometres of gravel road in a forest near Rangiora in North Canterbury, but the iconic Ashley Forest Rallysprint represents unfinished business for Kiwi rally star Hayden Paddon.

Fresh from securing a hard-fought third place at Rally Turkey on 16 September, Paddon is homeward bound ready to get behind the wheel of his New Zealand-built Hyundai i20 AP4+, especially upgraded to what Paddon calls AP4++ format for the Ashley Forest event.

“Ashley Forest is an event I grew up watching on TV, on repeat many times and seeing Rod Millen break the ...    more...

Mon, 17 Sep 2018 - Dixon a hero of New Zealand motorsport

Scott Dixon’s fifth IndyCar Series championship adds another layer to his hero status in New Zealand motorsport.

The race driver originally from Manurewa ran a steady, mistake-free race to finish second in the IndyCar season finale, the Grand Prix of Sonoma, to race winner Ryan Hunter-Reay. The result was more than enough to give the No. 9 PNC Bank Chip Ganassi Racing Honda driver his fifth series championship in an 18-year career.

Dixon moves to second on the all-time championship winners’ list behind seven-time USAC winner AJ Foyt. The 38-year-old’s fifth ...    more...

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1New ZealandAndrew Hawkeswood1:16:43.8
2New ZealandPhil Campbell+3.9
3New ZealandBen Hunt+41.7
4New ZealandStephen Barker+53.4
5New ZealandBrad McFarlane+3:21.0
6New ZealandBrynley Smith+4:53.1
7New ZealandShannon Chambers+4:56.1
8New ZealandBrian Green+5:09.3
9New ZealandMatt Adams+5:31.2
10New ZealandBrendan Oakden+5:53.7
11New ZealandDaniel Walker+6:39.4
12New ZealandPaul Adams+9:37.2
13New ZealandMcCrae Sloper+10:32.8
14New ZealandBrent Taylor+10:52.2
15New ZealandDave Strong+11:05.1
16New ZealandMarty Bertelsen+11:12.1
17New ZealandRodney Langdon+11:23.4
18New ZealandTimothy Hood+12:51.8
19New ZealandDaniel Haines+13:13.9
20New ZealandMichael Rope+14:47.6
21New ZealandCharlie Evans+15:20.1
22New ZealandRay Chubb+16:19.2
23New ZealandDaniel Alexander+16:38.2
24New ZealandTodd Bawden+16:51.6
25New ZealandSimon Bell+17:29.5
26New ZealandAndy Smith+17:59.1
27New ZealandChris Alexander+19:29.6
28New ZealandAmy Keighley+19:42.7
29New ZealandMike Wheatley+20:14.5
30New ZealandDennis Green+27:38.1
1EstoniaOtt Tanak3:59:24.5
2FinlandJari-Matti Latvala+22.3
3New ZealandHayden Paddon+1:46.3
4FinlandTeemu Suninen+4:10.9
5NorwayAndreas Mikkelsen+7:11.7
6NorwayHenning Solberg+13:40.6
7Czech RepublicJan Kopecky+18:25.2
8RomaniaSimone Tempestini+19:37.1
9United KingdomChris Ingram+20:21.3
10FranceSebastian Ogier+20:51.2
11PolandKajetan Kajetanowicz+21:13.9
12United KingdomElfyn Evans+22:09.0
13ChilePedro Heller+26:06.4
14TurkeyBurak Çukurova+32:21.6
15United Arab EmiratesKhalid Al Qassimi+35:56.1
16BelgiumThierry Neuville+38:46.5
17PortugalDiogo Salvi+43:42.7
18SwedenDennis Radstrom+44:32.8
19ChileEmilio Fernandez+48:37.1
20IrelandCallum Devine+50:22.1
21TurkeyBora Manyera+53:23.7
22NorwayMads Ostberg+54:36.1
23TurkeyBuğra Banaz+55:30.4
24United KingdomTom Williams+58:34.9
25New ZealandDavid Holder+59:01.7
26TurkeyErkan GÜral+1:00:46.0
27SwedenEmil Bergkvist+1:11:29.3
28ItalyEnrico Oldrati+1:43:38.3
29United KingdomLouise Cook+1:51:46.4
30TurkeyBurcu Çetinkaya+1:53:39.9
31GreeceGeorgios Vassilakis+25:51:58.4
1AustraliaSteve MaGuire36:51.4
2AustraliaKade Barrett+10.7
3AustraliaTim Auty+17.3
4AustraliaBodie Reading+1:08.2
5AustraliaKurt Wylie+1:55.3
6AustraliaNicholas Grave+2:01.7
7AustraliaStephen Turner+2:51.6
8AustraliaPeter Barrett+3:21.8
9AustraliaNathan Roddam+4:18.1
10AustraliaElliot Ritchie+4:26.1
11AustraliaStuart Rattray+5:02.8
12AustraliaMark Kyle+5:07.7
13AustraliaMal Martin+5:21.3
14AustraliaBill Fulton+6:43.4
15AustraliaLeigh Ford+7:18.2
16AustraliaMitch Roberts+8:00.7
17AustraliaRhys Elphinstone+42:38.3
1AustraliaJayke Skeffington1:52:58.0
2AustraliaNathan Quinn+3:43.0
3AustraliaRon Moore+4:44.0
4AustraliaChris Jaques+7:31.0
5AustraliaPaul Taylor+10:32.0
6AustraliaMark Kent+11:02.0
7AustraliaJack Wightman+11:33.0
8AustraliaJohn Fraser+14:39.0
9AustraliaJody Mill+14:41.0
10AustraliaPeter Vlandis+15:06.0
11AustraliaJake Brmble+15:14.0
12AustraliaDarkie Barr-Smith+16:03.0
13AustraliaKevin Ashby+16:58.0
14AustraliaRichard Thomas+17:22.0
15AustraliaWade Ryan+18:24.0
16AustraliaPeter Houghton+18:59.0
17AustraliaWayne Caines+20:30.0
18AustraliaDavid Flaye+21:21.0
19AustraliaMatt Nash+21:30.0
20AustraliaMick Tori+21:32.0
21AustraliaJason Williams+21:41.0
22AustraliaKeith McIlroy+21:54.0
23AustraliaJarrod Gotch+22:08.0
24AustraliaMark Bramble+23:05.0
25AustraliaMark Hudson+23:46.0
26AustraliaNathan Senior+23:52.0
27AustraliaJamie Luff+24:23.0
28AustraliaCharlie Gardiner+32:29.0
29AustraliaMatthew Byron+38:01.0
30AustraliaLaurie Williams+38:38.0
31AustraliaMonique French+43:08.0
32AustraliaPaul Fletcher+47:52.0
33AustraliaJosh Redhead+50:19.0
34AustraliaMichelle Travis+54:54.0
35AustraliaJohn Joyner+1:12:27.0
36AustraliaPj O'Keefe+2:29:08.0
37AustraliaJoe Biondi+2:58:32.0
38AustraliaBrent Dutoit+3:14:13.0
39AustraliaMick Pinckham+4:06:26.0
40AustraliaPeter Leicht+4:08:55.0
41AustraliaDean Ridge+4:40:52.0
42AustraliaJoe Chapman+4:42:34.0
43AustraliaMichael Broholm+4:48:31.0
44AustraliaPeter Thompson+4:49:20.0
45AustraliaToby Ivanovic+6:19:04.0
46AustraliaAndy Crane+7:07:02.0
46AustraliaGreg Selsby+7:07:02.0
1New ZealandJosh Marston36:12.1
2New ZealandGaret Thomas+30.8
3New ZealandDavid Quantock+39.9
4New ZealandMichael Tall+53.9
5New ZealandJeff Judd+56.8
6New ZealandDeane Buist+1:51.5
7New ZealandSean Haggarty+2:09.7
8New ZealandMatt Wright+2:19.1
9New ZealandDavid Clearwater+2:22.4
10New ZealandGarry Cliff+2:59.0
11New ZealandMike Sheehan+3:01.1
12New ZealandDave Ollis+3:05.8
13New ZealandDavid Gee+3:06.5
14New ZealandDarryl Campbell+3:12.4
15New ZealandBrendon Hart+3:13.7
16New ZealandRobbie Stokes+3:24.6
17New ZealandWilliam Hawes+3:37.1
18New ZealandRobert McCallum+4:04.4
19New ZealandSteve Cattermole+4:30.1
20New ZealandSheldon Bell+4:32.0
21New ZealandEric Clark+4:32.2
22New ZealandMark Dando+4:36.0
23New ZealandDavid Birkett+4:37.6
24New ZealandMike Baltrop+4:38.7
25New ZealandKen MacDonald+4:41.9
26New ZealandBrent Rawstron+4:49.0
27New ZealandNeville Kidd+4:50.2
28New ZealandNick Marston+4:53.7
29New ZealandMerv Hatcher+4:58.3
30New ZealandRobert McKee+4:59.3
31New ZealandBrian Green+5:02.5
32New ZealandHugh Owen+5:11.6
33New ZealandTim Smith+5:13.8
34New ZealandAdrian Leitch+5:25.9
35New ZealandPhil Walker+5:49.7
36New ZealandShane Mckenzie+5:50.0
37New ZealandChris Herdman+5:51.5
38New ZealandNigel Tyson+5:53.5
39New ZealandAlec Doig+5:55.5
40New ZealandDeborah Kibble+6:31.5
41New ZealandPhillip Lash+6:44.3
42New ZealandEddie Gray+6:44.5
43New ZealandPeter Murch+6:52.2
44New ZealandBrent Miller+6:55.8
45New ZealandRex Ford+7:50.2
46New ZealandJussara Kokshoorn+7:54.4
47New ZealandJonathan Taylor+7:57.6
48New ZealandAlastair McLean+8:06.9
49New ZealandPhil Collins+8:37.4
50New ZealandDaph O'Rourke+10:10.1
51New ZealandGarry Mechen+11:22.5
52New ZealandJay Ritchie+11:35.7
53New ZealandRichard Bateman+11:46.3
54New ZealandSamantha Gray+13:23.3
55New ZealandAndrew Sim+28:36.9
56New ZealandMark MacDonald+30:22.5
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