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3 days agoRally de Portugal – Day Three Report
 Holder and Farmer survive rock-strewn Rally Portugal to take third in JWRC
 Last minute twist gifts Targa Hawkes Bay win to Kirk-Burnnand and Hay
4 days agoDave Holder battles on in Portugal JWRC
 Rally de Portugal – Day Two Report
5 days agoBattle royal as De Waal and Dippie trade stage wins in Targa Hawkes Bay
 Targa Hawkes Bay: Start List for Leg 3 published
 Subaru hold early lead in Hawke's Bay Targa Rally
 Rally de Portugal – Day One Report
 Dave Holder steady in fifth in Portugal JWRC
 Hayden Paddon crashes in Portugal
6 days agoTarga Hawkes Bay: Start List for Leg 2 published
1 week agoTarga Hawkes Bay: Start List for Leg 1 published
9 days agoPaddon as prepared as possible for Portugal
 Holder and Farmer ready for gravel of Portugal Rally
10 days agoTarga Hawkes Bay entries published
 Targa Hawkes Bay published
13 days agoTop weekend at Whangarei for van Klink
 Thomson charges to Whangarei victory
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Mon, 21 May 2018 - Rally de Portugal – Day Three Report
Hyundai Motorsport has claimed its second win of the 2018 FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) after a masterful performance by Thierry Neuville and co-driver Nicolas Gilsoul
The result marks Hyundai Motorsport’s first-ever triumph in Rally de Portugal and the ninth WRC win in total for the team
Having fought for his third gravel podium of the season, Dani Sordo finished fifth after being handed a ten-second penalty for an infringement earlier in the weekend.    more...
Mon, 21 May 2018 - Holder and Farmer survive rock-strewn Rally Portugal to take third in JWRC

Kiwi rally driver Dave Holder and co-driver Jason Farmer have taken their first podium finish in the 2018 FIA Junior World Rally Championship at Rally Portugal, one of the toughest events they’ve tackled to date. To finish Rally Portugal was an achievement in itself – only 46 of the original 85 entrants completed the rally.

To finish on the podium in the JWRC category was even better, exceeding Holder’s goal of a top five result. Holder and Farmer, from Mt Maunganui and Hamilton respectively, were also making their debut on the rock-strewn Portuguese event, which is ...    more...

Mon, 21 May 2018 - Last minute twist gifts Targa Hawkes Bay win to Kirk-Burnnand and Hay

In a third and final day of high drama Auckland pair Steve Kirk-Burnnand and co-driver Mike Hay (BMW 318ti) were gifted the win in the Targa Hawke’s Bay tarmac motor rally which finished in Havelock North on Sunday afternoon.

Heading into the final 37.34km Argyle Rd/Raukawa Rd stage on the way back to Havelock North former Targa New Zealand event winners Martin Dippie and co-driver Jona Grant (Porsche 991 GT3 RS) from Dunedin enjoyed a 3 min 20.7 lead over Kirk-Burnnand and Hay.

Earlier in the event Nic De Waal and Shane Reynolds had set ...    more...

Sun, 20 May 2018 - Dave Holder battles on in Portugal JWRC

Kiwis Dave Holder and Jason Farmer managed to get to the end of a very tough six-stage day on Saturday (CEST) in Portugal to hold fourth place among the seven of the 14 Junior World Rally Championship competitors still running.

It wasn’t an easy day for the pair, who rolled on the first run through SS12 during morning, and on the repeated run through the same 37.60km stage, had a driveshaft on their Ford Fiesta break.

Speaking from a tow truck taking them and the damaged car back to the service park in Porto, ...    more...

Sun, 20 May 2018 - Rally de Portugal – Day Two Report
Hyundai Motorsport continues to lead Rally de Portugal, the sixth round of the WRC season, after a positive penultimate day for the team
Thierry Neuville increased his advantage over M-Sport Ford’s Elfyn Evans from 17.7 to 39.8-seconds with particularly impressive runs through the long Amarante stages
Dani Sordo holds onto a provisional podium in third place, but with only 4.7-seconds separating the Spaniard from fourth placed Teemu Suninen.    more...
Sat, 19 May 2018 - Battle royal as De Waal and Dippie trade stage wins in Targa Hawkes Bay

There was a battle royal at the top of the leader board on Targa Hawke’s Bay’s second day today as early event pace-setter Nick De Waal and co-driver Shane Reynolds (Subaru Impreza WX STi) traded stage wins with Martin Dippie and his co-driver Jona Grant in Dippie’s late model Porsche GT3 RS.

There were never more than a few seconds between the two very different cars (De Waal’s Subaru a four-wheel-drive four-cylinder four-door sedan, Dippie’s Porsche a two-wheel-drive six-cylinder two-door coupe) and after six stage comprising just ...    more...

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1BelgiumThierry Neuville3:49:46.6
2United KingdomElfyn Evans+40.0
3FinlandTeemu Suninen+53.7
4SpainDani Sordo+1:00.9
5FinlandEsapekka Lappi+1:04.7
6NorwayMads Ostberg+3:39.9
7IrelandCraig Breen+5:23.0
8SwedenPontus Tidemand+14:10.8
9PolandLukasz Pieniazek+16:17.3
10FranceStephane Lefebvre+16:34.3
11FrancePierre-Louis Loubet+17:21.3
12JapanHiroki Arai+19:42.4
13FinlandJuuso Nordgren+19:51.9
14PortugalArmindo Araujo+22:35.3
15MexicoBenito Guerra+23:15.3
16NorwayAndreas Mikkelsen+24:44.4
17PortugalMiguel Barbosa+24:56.0
18United KingdomGus Greensmith+25:45.4
19SpainNil Solans Baldo+27:24.5
20ChilePedro Heller+28:56.4
21FranceSebastien Ogier+35:28.3
22SwedenDennis Radstrom+37:04.6
23PortugalDiogo Salvi+46:53.1
24TurkeyMurat Bostanci+47:08.4
25FinlandJari Huttunen+48:40.9
26FinlandJari-Matti Latvala+48:50.3
27JapanTakamoto Katsuta+49:36.0
28FinlandMax Vatanen+58:50.2
29ItalyEnrico Oldrati+59:28.3
30ItalyFabio Andolfi+59:37.4
31SwedenEmil Bergkvist+1:01:15.5
32RomaniaSimone Tempestini+1:06:35.0
33PortugalAlfredo Barros+1:10:05.6
34ItalyLuca Bottarelli+1:10:32.0
35New ZealandDavid Holder+1:12:21.9
36TurkeyBugra Banaz+1:15:25.0
37NetherlandsKees Burger+1:21:49.5
38United KingdomTom Williams+1:23:34.7
39NetherlandsKevin Abbring+1:24:15.6
40PortugalJose Barbosa+1:27:31.2
41FranceJean-Baptiste Franceschi+1:29:43.1
42PortugalFrancisco Teixeira+1:34:09.8
43ItalyUmberto Accornero+1:37:13.0
44GermanyJulius Tannert+1:40:47.3
45ChileEmilio Fernandez+1:44:16.4
46PortugalPedro Rodrigues+1:50:13.0
47PortugalRicardo Marques+21:38:14.8
1New ZealandSteven Kirk-Burnnand3:32:07.0
2New ZealandMartin Dippie+1:33.2
3New ZealandRobert Darrington+3:53.8
4New ZealandMike Tubbs+5:33.0
5New ZealandDavid Rogers+6:28.0
6New ZealandRory Callaway+9:11.7
7New ZealandHayden McKenzie+11:25.8
8New ZealandGraeme Wong+11:52.3
9New ZealandJeremy Friar+12:40.4
10New ZealandMark Kirk-Burnnand+13:04.1
11New ZealandMark McCaughan+13:25.3
12New ZealandRichard Gillies+13:56.5
13New ZealandAndrew Oakley+14:29.3
14New ZealandRick Martin+14:48.4
15New ZealandTom Grooten+15:06.6
16New ZealandCarl Kirk-Burnnand+16:06.5
17New ZealandJoe Kouwenhoven+16:16.3
18New ZealandSimon Clark+16:36.6
19New ZealandRichard Ramson+16:47.7
20New ZealandBrian Green+16:54.0
21New ZealandClark Proctor+17:13.6
22New ZealandGraeme Drummond+19:41.4
23New ZealandJerry Rowley+20:23.3
24New ZealandRoss Graham+20:39.8
25New ZealandEddie Grooten+21:20.3
26New ZealandJohn Thomson+22:28.9
27New ZealandChris Lewis+23:28.6
28New ZealandIvan Knauf+23:32.9
29New ZealandIain Atkinson+24:40.4
30New ZealandGary Murphy+27:13.1
31New ZealandMark Coley+27:26.2
32New ZealandGeoff Laurent+29:00.7
33New ZealandLinden Bawden+29:15.1
34New ZealandChris Hawkes+30:25.3
35New ZealandMike Lowe+30:37.6
36New ZealandMitchell Osborne+35:51.0
37New ZealandTerry May+37:51.2
38New ZealandGeoff Harriman+38:06.4
39New ZealandSimon Van Tuyl+38:39.1
40New ZealandJason Gill+38:55.0
41New ZealandShane Walden+38:58.3
42New ZealandRick Finucane+41:29.0
43New ZealandMichael Dawes+47:58.9
44New ZealandDonald Webster+54:47.9
45New ZealandMike Donald+59:28.1
46New ZealandAndy Stevenson+1:02:46.7
47New ZealandGlen Raymond+1:10:46.1
1New ZealandHayden Paddon2:45:04.4
2New ZealandBen Hunt+7:26.3
3AustraliaNathan Quinn+8:30.9
4New ZealandEmma Gilmour+9:05.1
5New ZealandDylan Turner+9:44.0
6New ZealandJosh Marston+12:39.4
7New CaledoniaEugene Creugnet+17:25.2
8New ZealandRegan Ross+17:46.6
9New ZealandDavid Holder+18:17.4
10New ZealandMarcus van Klink+18:38.8
11JapanYuya Sumiyama+19:28.2
12New ZealandAnthony Jones+20:44.9
13New ZealandDylan Thomson+20:45.2
14ItalyFabio Frisiero+21:17.4
15New ZealandTony Gosling+21:33.9
16New ZealandMatt Summerfield+21:48.8
17New ZealandJohn Silcock+22:42.5
18New ZealandDave Strong+22:51.2
19New ZealandBrian Green+22:58.3
20New ZealandRhys Gardner+24:09.0
21New ZealandWayne Pittams+26:08.4
22New ZealandJack Williamson+28:47.2
23New ZealandDavid Taylor+35:36.0
24New ZealandGeoff Warren+40:17.4
25New ZealandDaniel Alexander+48:25.1
26New ZealandRaana Horan+48:52.9
27New ZealandAmy Keighley+54:51.1
28JapanKimito Kondo+1:02:08.8
29New ZealandBruce Herbert+20:37.5
1EstoniaOtt Tanak3:43:28.9
2BelgiumThierry Neuville+37.7
3SpainDani Sordo+1:15.7
4FranceSebastien Ogier+1:58.6
5NorwayAndreas Mikkelsen+2:02.6
6United KingdomElfyn Evans+3:06.3
7United KingdomKris Meeke+3:25.7
8FinlandEsapekka Lappi+4:32.6
9FinlandTeemu Suninen+5:38.6
10SwedenPontus Tidemand+12:15.8
11NorwayOle Christian Veiby+18:06.1
12United KingdomGus Greensmith+19:54.9
13ArgentinaAlejandro Cancio+21:03.3
14United Arab EmiratesKhalid Al Qassimi+21:18.3
15ChilePedro Heller+21:18.7
16ParaguayDiego H. Dominguez+28:05.4
17ChileCristobal Vidaurre+30:04.8
18SpainNil Solans Baldo+15:16:15.6
19ArgentinaSergio Emiliano Biondi+16:20:38.1
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