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50 years of New Zealand Rallying dinner.
Saturday 19th August 2017
Claudelands Event Center Hamilton.
Featuring special guest speakers, rally cars, NZRC champions, memorabilia and more! Further details here
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YesterdayConditions catch Gilmour out at Rally Whangarei
 AP4 Barinas show huge potential, say Murphy and Marston
 Paddon happier with pace; holds sixth in Argentina
 Victory for India’s Gill at International Rally of Whangarei
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 Norwegian pairing top International Rally of Whangarei shakedown
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 Murphy and Marston ready for first two-car rally in Whangarei
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Sun, 30 Apr 2017 - Conditions catch Gilmour out at Rally Whangarei

In the battle of attrition that was the International Rally of Whangarei’s Leg One, Emma Gilmour was one of the many casualties - although she was able to salvage some points on the second day.

In weather conditions that could only be described as atrocious, Dunedin-based Emma and co-driver Anthony McLoughlin slipped and slid their way safely through the first six stages yesterday in this second round of the Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship. They kept the Vantage Windows and Doors Suzuki Swift Maxi on the straight and narrow, even posting two, ...    more...

Sun, 30 Apr 2017 - AP4 Barinas show huge potential, say Murphy and Marston

The brand-new Holden Barina AP4 rally cars have enormous potential according to Penny Homes Holden Rally Team drivers Greg Murphy and Josh Marston. Although neither driver finished this weekend’s International Rally of Whangarei – Murphy due to an off-road excursion and Marston due to a drivebelt issue – they’re upbeat about prospects for the in-development cars.

“There’s no doubt we’re going to sort these cars,” says Christchurch’s Marston. “There is so much potential for these Barinas, it just takes time to develop them.”more...

Sun, 30 Apr 2017 - Paddon happier with pace; holds sixth in Argentina

Kiwi WRC driver Hayden Paddon and his co-driver John Kennard are in sixth place after completing six special stages on Saturday (ART) at Rally Argentina, with the Mads Ostberg’s . A broken rear roll bar delayed the pair, and they incurred a 1 minute time penalty for being late into a time control checkpoint. Despite that, Paddon is pretty happy with his pace as he secured two third-fastest stage times to wrap up the day.

“Not too bad a day today,” said Paddon following Saturday’s competitive stages. “This morning we had to ...    more...

Sun, 30 Apr 2017 - Victory for India’s Gill at International Rally of Whangarei

Starting today’s final leg of the two-day International Rally of Whangarei second on the road, Gaurav Gill and co-driver Stéphane Prévot took a comfortable win in the final stages of the New Zealand based event.

The opening round of the 2017 FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC), current champion and 2016 rally winner Gill returned to Whangarei with a sizable 2min02sec lead. Second in the identical MRF Tyres ŠKODA Fabia R5 was overnight leaders Ole Christian Veiby and co-driver Stig Rune Skjarmoen from Norway. Improving weather for the day’s ...    more...

Sat, 29 Apr 2017 - Norwegian’s lead of International Rally of Whangarei

Norway’s Ole Christian Veiby and co-driver Stig Rune Skjarmoen have emerged comfortable leaders after the first full day of competition at the International Rally of Whangarei.

The opening round of the 2017 FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC), the championship rookies returned to Northland New Zealand’s host city of Whangarei with an advantage of 33.2 seconds. Sitting in second is early event leader, current APRC champion and 2016 rally winner, Gaurav Gill from India with co-driver Stéphane Prévot.

Today’s seven special stages were held in mainly wet weather, ...    more...

Fri, 28 Apr 2017 - Norwegian pairing top International Rally of Whangarei Shakedown

Norway’s Ole Christian Veiby and co-driver Stig Rune Skjarmoen set fastest time of 47.2seconds in the ŠKODA Fabia R5 at this morning’s shakedown test ahead of the weekend’s International Rally of Whangarei.

The opening round of the FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC) Veiby and Skjarmoen are one of 61 teams competing across Northland New Zealand’s gravel roads in a variety of cars.

Second fastest with a time of 47.7sec was 2016 rally winner and current APRC champion Gaurav Gill from India, with new co-driver Belgian Sté...    more...

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Recent Events ▲
1G. Gill / S. Prevot (1)2:35:06.8
2O. Veiby / S. Skjarmoen (3)+2:02.8
3M. Summerfield / N. Summerfield (22)+6:53.5
4D. Turner / M. Read (8)+7:59.9
5D. Galbraith / R. Hudson (28)+8:59.9
6R. Gardner / P. Hall (25)+12:41.4
7G. Featherstone / D. Devonport (26)+13:55.6
8J. Quantock / M. Hayward (35)+16:52.6
9D. Strong / B. McKenzie (32)+17:39.9
10R. Blomberg / L. Andersson (4)+17:45.5
11E. Creugnet / P. Delrieu (59)+17:52.9
12A. Bligh / R. Chalmers (74)+18:19.4
13T. Gosling / B. Read (38)+22:51.4
14M. Adams / K. Adams (57)+23:34.8
15D. Thomson / A. Hudson (47)+25:46.8
16M. Tregilgas / G. Goldring (50)+25:58.0
17J. Silcock / R. Atkinson (37)+26:08.5
18F. Takahashi / M. Nakamura (6)+28:17.6
19J. Williamson / B. Williamson (53)+33:13.9
20P. Abhilash / S. Gowda (5)+33:42.9
21B. Hunt / T. Rawstorn (7)+37:14.3
22D. Adnitt / T. Mabbett (61)+42:00.8
23S. Gyotoku / J. Mima (67)+43:37.4
24P. Fraser / C. Davison (58)+44:58.1
25M. Kaseya / K. Izuno (68)+56:58.5
26M. Cameron / H. Cameron (70)+1:03:23.5
27K. Kondo / K. Hayashi (69)+1:17:31.6
1D. Holder / J. Farmer (1)2:48:38.0
2A. Hawkeswood / J. Cress (6)+45.9
3R. Gardner / A. MacKay (14)+2:03.4
4G. Featherstone / D. Devonport (10)+3:03.5
5S. Cox / S. Coatsworth (4)+4:02.7
6M. Martin / S. Prevot (1C)+4:42.2
7R. Ross / L. Hudson (2C)+4:53.1
8D. Turner / M. Read (7)+5:06.4
9B. Hunt / T. Rawstorn (2)+5:30.0
10D. Buist / K. Celeste (22)+6:19.4
11D. Strong / B. McKenzie (15)+8:45.4
12J. Silcock / R. Atkinson (8C)+9:09.4
13R. Bateman / J. Smith (20)+10:43.4
14A. Jones / T. Gwynne (26)+11:41.2
15B. Green / F. Pedersen (18)+12:23.5
16J. Judd / G. Marra (7C)+12:29.9
17B. Herbert / B. Parker (27)+12:31.7
18T. Gosling / B. Read (6C)+12:35.0
19A. Wood / C. Lancaster (19C)+12:35.8
20G. Walker / T. Dewhurst (16C)+12:48.5
21J. Mitchell / A. Mitchell (39)+13:16.3
22J. Quantock / A. Steel (19)+14:11.2
23B. Stokes / A. Stokes (24)+14:31.2
24G. Ferguson / R. Moody (14C)+15:51.7
25D. Scoles / G. Howden (48)+18:12.2
26D. Thomson / A. Hudson (49)+18:49.8
27A. Dippie / P. Coghill (18C)+19:07.8
28M. Budd / B. Budd (47)+20:09.5
29F. Merkin / S. Everson (46)+20:10.6
30B. Varcoe / S. Graves (26C)+20:31.4
31S. Haggerty / S. Sands (42)+20:49.1
32J. McDonald / C. Smith (44)+23:28.8
33M. Sheehan / S. Faulkner (66)+23:42.1
34R. Davey / R. Gordon (24C)+24:00.6
35M. Laughton / A. Laughton (23C)+24:21.2
36P. Sims / C. Dawson (64)+24:52.6
37D. McCrostie / M. Marshall (36C)+24:55.1
38G. Coey / T. Witheridge (41C)+26:39.6
39C. Mclean / S. Brennan (54)+26:46.6
40M. McElwain / M. Bunyard (28C)+28:28.6
41K. Todd / L. Todd (38C)+30:57.6
42P. Fraser / C. Davison (40C)+31:03.5
43T. Willemsen / P. Willemsen (70)+31:50.7
44J. Williamson / B. Williamson (51)+32:05.9
45J. MacDonald / A. Ramsay (27C)+33:32.6
46D. Quantock / E. Quantock (31)+34:35.3
47C. Saxton / C. Cockburn (48C)+34:36.7
48A. Fisher / J. Hutson (45C)+35:08.3
49R. Burgess / W. Shortus (44C)+35:16.7
50P. Dillon / B. Chisholm (56)+35:40.0
51R. Goss / M. Gunn (68)+38:43.0
52P. Fridd / F. Strass (47C)+44:00.3
53D. Taylor / P. Huntley (65)+44:56.9
54Z. King / M. Thompson (80)+49:31.5
55G. Keen / I. Larsen (81)+50:45.9
56D. Kibble / H. Johnston (17C)+51:17.0
57M. Tregilgas / G. Goldring (50)+52:19.4
58B. Miller / J. Eyre (74)+1:00:52.5
59M. Harris / J. Hudson (79)+1:45:49.1
1E. Maguire / M. Potter (44)1:16:50.5
2J. Vandenberg / A. Hodgetts (80)+2:52.4
3S. Maguire / B. Sheldrick (15)+3:29.3
4T. Auty / J. Sutcliffe (53)+4:20.4
5K. Wylie / J. Sims (55)+4:53.0
6M. Butcher / A. Roark (88)+7:11.1
7A. Peterson / G. Johnstone (35)+9:34.2
8M. How / N. Walker (45)+10:26.6
9N. Grave / S. Spedding (17)+10:49.1
10B. Cromarty / H. Maslin (83)+12:59.9
11T. McLeod / S. Glenney (51)+13:06.6
12B. Johnson / A. Saunders (98)+13:12.7
13T. Kulhanek / T. Dean (81)+13:16.3
14M. Pritchard / A. Butler (52)+13:34.6
15B. Rogers / H. Rogers (69)+13:38.5
16B. Newman / R. Sheldrick (47)+13:51.1
17C. Lewis / A. Carr (39)+14:41.0
18M. Kyle / D. Davies (72)+14:44.9
19D. Oates / D. Lovell (18)+16:11.8
20S. Rogers / E. Wilson (68)+17:18.3
21D. Cromarty / S. Paine (84)+17:46.3
22C. Benjamin / G. McGrath (20)+18:42.5
23N. Roddam / A. Malcolm (61)+18:46.0
24N. Stokes / N. Stokes (96)+18:56.9
25B. Fulton / J. Milner (13)+20:01.6
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