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TodaySummerfield makes day two redemption
 Campbell vows to fight back after Whangarei
 Near perfect weekend for van Klink
+1Cox Shows Increased Speed at Whangarei
+2Positive prospects for Paddon’s NZ-built Hyundai at Rally Whangarei
 Holder claims maiden victory at Rally Whangarei
+4Young silences New Zealand critics
 Gaurav Gill wins International Rally of Whangarei
 Spirited drive earns Gilmour second in Whangarei
 Win comes down to the wire at Rally Whangarei
 Rally of Whangarei: Start List for Leg 2 published
 Holder takes out drama filled opening day at Whangarei
+5Hunt vows to return for next NZRC round
 Surprise overnight leader at Rally Whangarei
+6Rally of Whangarei: Start List for Leg 1 Part 2 published
 Rally of Whangarei: Start List for Ceremonial Start published
+8Holder thankful to make start at Whangarei
 Young looks to repeat history
 Gilmour back from the desert to rally in Whangarei
+9Campbell looks for extra speed at Whangarei
 Van Klink aims for more of the same at Whangarei
 Cunningham looks for fortune change at Whangarei
 Summerfield looks for more speed at Whangarei
 Hunt’s Subaru WRX STi improved for Whangarei
 Cox aims for increased speed at Whangarei
 WRC Star Paddon returns home for Whangarei rally
 Hayden Paddon relates Rally Argentina
+10Hayden Paddon makes history with WRC win
 Debut WRC round victory in Argentina for Paddon and Kennard!
 Hayden Paddon takes Rally Argentina victory after stunning Power Stage win
+11Paddon and Kennard lead WRC Argentina with one short day to go
 Hayden Paddon takes lead in Argentina on strong Saturday for Hyundai Motorsport
+12Paddon keen to push on at WRC Argentina
 Hyundai Motorsport on the pace in Argentina as Paddon holds provisional podium
+14International Drivers chase Würth Cup
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Rally de PortugalFri 20th May (3 days)
Taupo 2WD RallySun 29th May (1 day)
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Press Releases
Thu, 5 May 2016 - Summerfield makes day two redemption
Rangiora’s Matt Summerfield took redemption on the second day of the International Rally of Whangarei, the second round of the Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship, over the weekend.

Summerfield headed to the event looking to show good speed, but the failure of a cambelt tensioner on the first super special stage on Friday night saw the car grind to a halt within a kilometre of the start of the rally.

While many teams would have given up, the Matt Summerfield Rallisport team got stuck in, working right through the night and the following morning to rebuild the engine. That    more...
Thu, 5 May 2016 - Campbell vows to fight back after Whangarei
Tauranga’s Phil Campbell has vowed to come back bigger and better after a frustrating second round of the Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship, the International Rally of Whangarei.

Campbell headed to the event confident that the car was in top shape, but struggled in the early running, unsure why the speed that had bought him second place in last year’s championship now saw him sitting outside the top ten.

The afternoon loop saw an increase in speed to be inside the top ten, but again not where Campbell wanted to be in eighth place overall.

After discussions with the team,    more...
Thu, 5 May 2016 - Near perfect weekend for van Klink
Kaiapoi’s Marcus van Klink has recorded a near perfect result at the second round of the Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship, the International Rally of Whangarei, over the weekend.

The event is one that van Klink always looks forward to and he started well this year as the fastest historic across the two opening super special stages.

Out on the full length stages the following day, van Klink moved the Chesters Plumbing Supplies Mazda RX-7 ahead early when he won two of the three stages, opening up a gap of close to 25 seconds, while also battling hard for    more...
Wed, 4 May 2016 - Cox Shows Increased Speed at Whangarei
Rally Whangarei could not have started any better for Cox Motorsport, with Sloan Cox and co-driver Sarah Coatsworth taking a win on the opening Super Special Stage on Friday night. From the get go, the pairing felt comfortable in the Taslo Engineering Mitsubishi Evo X and car speed came naturally for them.

From the start of Saturday’s stages Cox knew that he had to post top stage times and with the surprise of a two minute gap at the startline of the day’s first stage, due to another competitor not starting, Cox made the most of the opportunity of less    more...
Tue, 3 May 2016 - Positive prospects for Paddon’s NZ-built Hyundai at Rally Whangarei
1 May 2016: New Zealand’s World Rally Championship stars Hayden Paddon and co-driver John Kennard have come away from the second round of the New Zealand Rally Championship feeling positive about the longer term prospects of their New Zealand-built Hyundai i20 rally car and the wider project around the car.

While the pair, who won their first WRC event in Argentina just a week ago, didn’t feature on the overall results of the 29 April – 1 May running of the International Rally of Whangarei due to driveshaft issues on Saturday, Paddon says he’s pleased with the car’s potential.

“We solved    more...
Tue, 3 May 2016 - Holder claims maiden victory at Rally Whangarei
Mount Maunganui’s David Holder has taken his maiden round win in the Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship at a chaotic second round, the International Rally of Whangarei. Holder and co-driver Jason Farmer took their Stadium Finance Mitsubishi to a victory of 1 minute 29.6 seconds over Emma Gilmour and Anthony McLoughlin’s Vantage Suzuki Swift and the LJ Hooker Mitsubishi of Dylan Turner and Rob Scott.

Holder started the day with a comfortable lead but was wary that in four previous attempts, he had yet to finish the event. A steady day meant he would take victory, which also    more...
Recent Results
International Rally of Whangarei
1Gill/Macneall (1)2:55:50.3
2Kreim/Christian (2)+30.4
3Young/Read (3)+14:10.0
4Kawahara/Yoda (7)+31:27.3
1Holder/Farmer (24)2:44:09.5
2Gilmour/McLoughlin (27)+1:29.6
3Turner/Scott (31)+2:27.7
4Young/Read (3NZ)+6:13.3
5Baddock/Anderson (32)+6:22.2
6Cunningham/Ruka (34)+6:43.4
7Klink/Neill (43)+10:02.0
8Jones/Moloney (47)+10:06.0
9Bayley/Hudson (46)+11:59.0
10Judd/Marra (45)+14:06.6
11Smith/Fisher (56)+16:43.2
12Taylor/Ramsay (51)+22:47.6
13Thomson/Hudson (64)+23:05.4
14Williamson/Williamson (63)+26:16.1
1Paddon/Kennard (1)2:23:05.4
2Hunt/Rawstorn (2)+9:22.1
3Holder/Farmer (5)+9:40.5
4Campbell/Fabbro (3)+12:59.2
5Hawkeswood/Cress (7)+13:14.6
6Martin/Prevot (1C)+13:44.1
7Baddock/Anderson (13)+14:06.1
8Cox/Read (6)+14:20.7
9Buist/Celeste (22)+15:38.1
10Klink/Neill (2C)+16:16.8
11Featherstone/Devonport (11)+16:30.3
12Jansen/Calder (12)+17:52.0
13Gosling/Read (9C)+18:05.8
14Ross/Ross (3C)+19:00.7
15Turfus/Solomon (27)+20:30.7
16Bateman/Guckert (16)+21:43.4
17Barker/Long (8C)+21:55.3
18Reid/Stacey (10C)+22:02.3
19Williamson/Crook (37)+22:13.0
20Judd/Marra (5C)+23:29.6
21Jones/Moloney (23)+23:36.4
22Ferguson/Moody (15C)+24:11.4
23Walker/Dewhurst (14C)+24:21.2
24Strong/McKenzie (24)+25:28.8
25Kibble/Johnston (13C)+25:29.2
26Williams/Bennett (9)+26:44.6
27Quantock/Brennan (34)+27:19.9
28Warren/Warren (27C)+27:41.2
29Alexander/Browne (47)+28:31.3
30Whittenbury/Rudham (21C)+29:15.0
31Sims/Dawson (46)+30:38.4
32Barclay/Marston (44)+30:40.5
33Wilson/Elder (42)+31:40.5
34Dippie/Coghill (12C)+32:30.3
35MacDonald/Ramsay (28C)+34:38.0
36Keen/Jenner (56)+35:05.3
37McElwain/McElwain (24C)+36:07.0
38Mitchell/Lawson (26C)+36:20.1
39Schaaf/Kilpatrick (50)+38:17.5
40McCrostie/Marshall (31C)+40:57.4
41Roberts/Graves (22C)+41:02.2
42Mulligan/Kelly (19C)+41:07.1
43Elliot/Currie (37C)+42:33.1
44Mitchell/Mitchell (52)+42:57.9
45Saxton/Cockburn (43C)+43:29.2
46Leicht/Budd (58)+43:50.5
47Thomas/Thomas (41C)+43:59.8
48Fisher/Hutson (39C)+44:04.6
49Fridd/Fridd (38C)+45:04.7
50Summerfield/Summerfield (4)+46:06.7
51Thomson/Hudson (49)+46:12.1
52Keast/Cross (30C)+47:15.2
53Gillies/Pilkington (55)+52:12.8
54Noye/Bennett (42C)+1:19:02.4
55Gardner/Pivac (15)+18:49.1
2016 Points
1Sébastien Ogier (FRA)96
2Hayden Paddon (NZL)57
3Mads Østberg (NOR)52
4Andreas Mikkelsen (NOR)48
5Dani Sordo (ESP)44
6J. M. Latvala 27
7Ott Tanak (EST)24
8Thierry Neuville (BEL)23
9Stephane Lefebvre (FRA)10
10Henning Solberg (NOR)8
11Elfyn Evans (GBR)6
11M. Prokop 6
13Craig Breen (IRL)4
13L. Bertelli 4
15Teemu Suninen (FIN)3
16Esapekka Lappi (FIN)2
17Armin Kremer (DEU)1
17Kris Meeke (GBR)1
17V. Gorban 1
1Jamie Whincup (Holden)651
2Scott McLaughlin (Volvo)636
3Mark Winterbottom (Ford)627
4Craig Lowndes (Holden)615
5Will Davison (Holden)558
6Shane van Gisbergen (Holden)545
7Michael Caruso (Nissan)504
8Garth Tander (Holden)502
9James Courtney (Holden)486
10Todd Kelly (Nissan)439
11Rick Kelly (Nissan)426
12Scott Pye (Ford)418
13Jason Bright (Holden)417
14David Reynolds (Holden)406
15Fabian Coulthard (Ford)397
16Chaz Mostert (Ford)392
17Tim Slade (Holden)384
18Cameron Waters (Ford)367
19Nick Percat (Holden)363
20James Moffat (Volvo)354
21Lee Holdsworth (Holden)351
22Tim Blanchard (Holden)257
1David Holder64
2Hayden Paddon51
3Richard Baddock36
4Ben Hunt33
5Marcus Van Klink31
6Emma Gilmour28
7Anthony Jones24
8Dylan Turner23
8Jeff Judd23
10Andrew Hawkeswood22
11Michael Young21
11Michael Young21
13Phil Campbell20
14Clint Cunningham17
14Dylan Thomson17
14Sloan Cox17
17Graham Featherstone16
18Matt Summerfield15
19Max Bayley14
20Matt Jansen13
21Tony Gosling12
1Deane Buist49
2Regan Ross46
3Jeff Judd40
4Matt Summerfield38
5Marcus Van Klink37
6David Clearwater33
6Richard Bateman33
8Graham Ferguson30
8Richard Baddock30
10David Gee27
11Job Quantock24
12Deborah Kibble18
13Geoff Williamson16
14Chris Lancaster14
15Darren Keen13
15Russell Burgess13
17David Quantock12
18Garry Cliff11
19Andrew Sim10
20Steve Cattermole8
21Allan Kermeen7
1Kingsley Jones32
2Wayne Pittams27
3Warwick Redfern23
4Marcus Van Klink20
5Anthony Jones18
6Jonathan Shapley16
7Daniel Alexander14
8Brent Taylor13
9Brynley Smith12
10Dylan Thomson11
11Jeff Torkington10
12Jack Williamson9
13Grant Blackberry1
13Lee Robson1
13Matt Adams1
13Tony Gosling1
13Tyler Radovan1
1Hayden Paddon229
2David Holder184
3Ben Hunt177
4Emma Gilmour163
5Sloan Cox156
6Lance Williams150
7Andrew Hawkeswood148
8Matt Summerfield142
9Phil Campbell141
10Deane Buist133
10Regan Ross133
10Glenn Inkster133
13Richard Baddock122
14Peter Scharmach119
15Graham Featherstone118
16Marcus Van Klink108
17Robert McCallum92
17Clinton Cunningham92
19David Clearwater84
20Jeff Judd83
1John Kennard229
2Jason Farmer184
3Tony Rawstorn177
4Anthony McLoughlin163
5Malcolm Read155
6Tania Ross154
7Raymond Bennett150
8Jeff Cress148
9Nicole Summerfield142
10Venita Fabbro141
11Glenn Macneall136
12Spencer Winn133
13Jason Anderson122
14Karl Celeste120
15Jacob Bennett119
16Dave Devonport118
17Nigel Ross109
18Dave Neill108
19David Calder96
20Greg Ruka92